Add ObsPy package


In the framework of a collaboration with several institutes-countries, we are currently developing a project to study seismic information around the LHC accelerator-tunnel and any possible relation with beam losses or instabilities. For that we are using SWAN, as it has all the necessary support for a wide-spread collaboration.

There is just one thing I would like your help on: would it be possible to install centrally the package is obspy , ?

It is a super useful package, as is the only package that allows us to access the data from the geophones-seismographs installed at CERN.
It would be very convenient for our collaboration and would certainly simplify very much our studies.

Thanks a lot for your help, time and feed-back,

Sotiris Vlachos

Dear Sotiris,

Thank you for explaining your use case, we are happy that you chose SWAN for your study! How many people do you estimate that will use SWAN in that collaboration?

In order to install a new package in the LCG releases (which are used by SWAN to set the environment) you would need to open a ticket here:

It would be good to explain your use case there, who you are, why you need the package, and potential number of users that could benefit from it.

A faster alternative, for the moment, would be to install the packages in your CERNBox:

Let us know if we can help you with anything else.