Best way for multiple users to access same data files?


I would like to know if there is a straightforward way to store data files so that they can be accessed from SWAN for multiple users? I can for example save my data sets to my CERNBox and have SWAN read them, but if another user wants to do the same I have to copy the data over to their CERNBox first. Is there a better way to do it? Thank you!


Hi Oskar,

from my experience there are at least two good ways for sharing data files depending on the extension and size. For moderate sizes (up to a few GB), I’d go for a shared EOS project. For large files, I’d put it on Hadoop.

Hope that helps,

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Hi Michal,

Thanks for your answer. When you say ‘shared EOS project’, do you just mean a shared EOS folder? I can’t seem to access folders that have been shared with me when I go under the ‘CERNBox’ tab on SWAN, I can only see folders I have created myself. Am I missing something?

Hi Oskar,

one can request a project space on EOS and share it with others. This is different from personal project space that you describe. The project space is assigned to a service account and may have multiple readers or writers.

Cheers, Michał.