Can't see/access the folder I copied into my SWAN_projects directory

I copied a folder (contains some root files and png files) into my EOSHome/SWAN_projects directory via the terminal line. However, it never showed up from my SWAN web interface. I have restarted my SWAN notebook several times but I still couldn’t see or access that folder. I can see that folder from the CERNBOX browser. Does anyone know what’s going on?


I think I’m experiencing the same kind of issues. I’m updating a file located on EOS (in my SWAN_projects folder) from lxplus, but I cannot see any changes from SWAN. I guess this is related to the same issue. I even tried to delete this file from lxplus, but I still see it from the SWAN browser.



Hi Zhen, Axel,
This seems to be a problem with the EOS mountpoint in swan004. I remounted it for your letters.
Please restart the session and let me know if it works. (you can also try in a different swan machine)
We’re updating EOS in the coming days and we’ll check any stale mountpoint.

Hi Diogo, thank for fixing this issue. Now I see the folder after I restart my session.

Dear Diogo,

The issue is fixed for as well, thanks a lot.


Hi Diogo, I encountered the same problem again which I couldn’t access my new data I put into my EOS from SWAN notebook. I am using swan003 now.
In fact, I found my SWAN projects showing a different version on swan001 (previous version). It is very annoying to work like this way. It is possible that my projects are synchronized on all the nodes?

During this update process we will be cleaning all stale mountpoints. The update already started and should be finished tomorrow.

Do you mean that we will not see this issue after the update? It is strange that the SWAN jupyter notebook always lost the synchronization with EOS.

Hi Diogo, could you please remount my EOS again? Or how I can run my data on EOS from my laptop if I know the EOS path?

After the update you should not see the issue.
Where are you trying to run? If it was working in swan004, can’t you just use that machine instead of 003?
You can sync data to your desktop by using CERNBox’s sync client.

swan004 was in maintenance but is now ready to use. With the mountpoints cleaned.

Thank you very much, Diogo. Swan004 works for me.