Clone project from CERN gitlab


When trying to clone a project from CERN gitlab (protected to CMS users) as a new SWAN project, using the https link I get “Did you pass the username/token?”. The other methods (SSH and KRB) are not valid URLs for SWAN. Is there a way around?

Also, is it possible to get the button “Open in SWAN” directly in the gitlab project?


Hello Bruno,

May you can try opening a terminal in SWAN and you can do git clone ssh:… or https://:…
in your project folder.
Let’s try and let me know if this works


Hi Omar,

Thanks for the reply. That works in HTTPS mode if I provide the password or in SSH mode if I set previously an RSA key in the eos home. I was hoping this could be done automatically in the SWAN interface.

Thanks again,

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