Cloud containers access from SWAN

Dear SWAN developers,

I tried to use the PyRDF module using K8s configuration, and I encountered some issues that you may be aware of ; first of all, k8s is not available in LCG97, do you plan to make it accessible ? Moreover if I choose LCG96 python3, the spark cluster case is blank so that I cannot choose any spark connector.

Then I tried to use bleeding edge software stack with k8s ; and if I try to run the example called NanoAODDiMuonAnalysis ; I obtain the following

So 0 executors/cores, and this does not evolve with time. Is there something wrong then with k8s at the time being ?

Thanks for your help, and cheers,

Dear @vbrian

There were processes stuck for your users which I cleared now, I see them running now, do you seeing tasks being executed?


Yes Prasanth, thanks for your help ! It executes normally now, I may have done something fishy…