Configuring LDAP


I’m trying to deploy my own science box service, I’m starting with uboxed on a single VM and eventually switch to Kubernetes.

I am not able to configure the system in order to use my own ldap server. Is it possible to do that?

I disabled ldap-add (for the test user) and modified the env.template file but when I run it, with docker-compose -f logs I got:

Add  TLS config...
*** /container/run/startup/slapd failed with status 80
*** Killing all processes

Can you help me or this is unfeasible?

Thank you


@ebocchi could you give a hand here? Thanks!

Ciao Piero,

Yes, it is possible to use an external LDAP server with ScienceBox.
This is harder to do with the uboxed version, as it is meant to be 100% stand alone. I can review that and check whether it is relatively easy to inject other configuration parameters to query your LDAP instead of the internal one.

For what concerns ScienceBox, consider we are revamping the project and we will have newer versions of the software soon. The old uboxed will be deprecated in favor of a version based on minikube, while the kubernetes support will be maintened and improved with the use of Helm charts.