Configuring UBoxed

I have installed uboxed docker on a machine of my institute and it works, but now I need to configure to have the right resources (users, disk space and so on). Can you please indicate me where to look?

Thanks a lot

Hello Stefano,

Could you give me some more details about the prospected usage of the instance?
If you plan to give access to different users, I would rather recommend you use the Kubernetes version of ScienceBox:
This deployment type requirs a Kubernetes cluster but makes the services scalable and more configurable than the version with docker-compose.

Let me know if this helps.

Thanks Enrico for the replay.

My project is to create a small setup to offer to my group (5 to 10 researcher) and to my students (less the 5) a platform where to run some analysis with SWAN and access to the data on disk (less the 10 TB). So the scale is small and therefore my idea was first try with the single instance and then eventually go to Kubernetes. I am not an expert of Kubernetes and therefore I am a bit worry about the overhead to learn Kubernetes. But if you think that is better to go in that direction I can try.


Hello again Stefano,

The main advantage of using kubernetes is that you can add more hosts to the cluster on the like and follow the storage/computing needs you might have elastically.
This said, I understand your concerns about learning kubernetes and how to manage the cluster.

Your use case seems to be limited to 10/15 users. If they are not using the service at the same time a single machine might be able to keep up. However, if they all run a SWAN session at the same time you might need to use a decently sized server.
Also, you mention 10TB of data. Where is this data stored? Should it be imported on EOS?