Create 'Trash' folder for notebooks to prevent accedental deletion

Hi there, today i accidentally deleted a notebook by clicking on the little (x) in the files overview window, believing it would shut down the kernel. Now my notebook is gone and I am hoping there is a backup of it somewhere. I think it would be a nice Idea, if the notebooks would end up in a hidden .trash folder before being deleted after some time to prevent total accidental deletions


This is being addressed in Login - CERN Service Portal: easy access to services at CERN

Hi @albecker ,

The issue has been solved, but let me put some information here for other users.
We use CERNBox/EOS as the home directory of SWAN. This means that if you delete a file, it will be sent to the CERNBox trash bin. It’s not accessible from SWAN, but you just need to go to and click “Deleted files”.
For completeness, let me just add that you can also check previous versions of files from both SWAN and CERNBox, and if you need a backup you can create a ticket with the CERNBox support.