Created folders in a terminal don't show up in SWAN


I am just trying to figure out a workflow for my new project and I need to write both python modules and Jupyter notebooks.

I also need to work with git, so I opened the terminal and cloned a repository into SWAN_projects. Unfortunately, the cloned folder is not displayed in the SWAN’s interface. Moreover, if I create a folder via the terminal, it is not visible in GUI either. The permissions of folders created via terminal and via SWAN GUI are the same according to ‘ls -l’. Only folders created via SWAN’s GUI are displayed.

Am I doing something wrong here?

Thank you.

Hello Ladislav,

SWAN projects have a (hidden) file called .swanproject that is created by the GUI when you create a project. That’s what SWAN uses to identify projects and that explains why your manually-created folders are not listed. You could rely on that (create that file yourself) but that’s internal and we could change it.

Instead, what I recommend is that you clone your repository via the GUI, there is a button with a cloud on the top right when listing projects, to create a project from a git repo URL (please make sure it ends in.git).


Thank you. That’s exactly what I needed.