Emacs in SWAN terminal window?

Is it possible to use the non-windowed version of emacs in a SWAN terminal window?

I haven’t been able to find it anywhere.

Hi Dave,
You mean opening emacs inside a terminal that takes the full browser window? Currently no, the terminal is always inside that frame. I don’t think that even Jupyterlab has that functionality, but at least it has less empty space around. (we are still working to bring lab to SWAN)

No, I mean

emacs -nw file.txt

This should be no more technically demanding than running vi, which works.

But emacs is not installed, that I can see.

Hi Dave,

Another alternative I can suggest would be to use the LXPLUS service which has emacs installed and you can edit your files in cernbox through it. (LXPLUS Service | IT Department).

At the moment we are not planning to add the emacs package to the container environment in SWAN. But if it has a lot of interest from the community, we can consider it in future.