EOS access control in a class

Dear SWAN experts,

 as mentioned in another thread, I would like to use SWAN in a HEP class. 

However, most of student there don’t have the CERN account.

Is it possible for non-CERN user to use SWAN (even with limited resource)?
Do you have any experience about how to deal with this authorization issues?

Thanks a lot!



Hi Lei,

One possibility if for you to create secondary accounts for the students, and give them access. But beware that everything they do will be done on your behalf.

There’s also a possibility to give temporary access to our UP2University EU project’ Pilot infrastructure. This is similar to our prod service, but with limited and separated resources from the production services at CERN. The support is also limited.
How many users do you need to grant access?


Hi Diogo,

thanks for your quick reply.
I can investigate about the secondary accounts.

The number of students should be between 10 to 20.
My class will start at the coming semester after September.



Hi Lei,

if you just need SWAN as a web-based host for jupyter notebooks, you could look into mybinder or google colab, etc.