Eta ROOT 6.20?

Howdy folks. Do we know when the ROOT 6.20 release will make it to swan?

Hi Vince,

LCG 97 (which will contain ROOT 6.20) is in the making, we will include it in SWAN soon after it is available on CVMFS.


Making like building now and I can use it in a couple of hours? Making as in testing includes and it will appear in a couple of days? or making as in it in progress and should appear in a couple of weeks?

It’s not a problem or complaint either way I’d just like to know if I hold off development and testing to do it all on SWAN, whether I carry on development and testing locally but still plan on hosting the tutorial on SWAN or just doing everything with my custom build.

It might still take a couple of weeks.

According to the minutes of the librarians meeting of last week:

they have already created a release candidate on CVMFS for LCG 97, but it is now being tested. Also, since ROOT is going to make a patch release very soon (this week), they might wait to include it.

Thanks a lot!