How to create account to use swan?

I have a account to login at cern. How to create an account to start using swan for root?

Dear @akardeepak ,

SWAN is available with CERN computing account (login), no further access request is required. Please ensure that you have CERNBox account by visiting and then you can access SWAN. If you need any further help to get started please consult

I am getting following error.

With my id “”, I can login for cern lightweight account as well as fluka.

Hi Deepak,

I’m not a part of the SWAN team, so a more detailed reply might follow. However, it looks like you should you a CERN account. With a lightweight account one can’t access neither CERNBox nor SWAN.

Hope that helps, Michał.

Access to SWAN (and CERNBox) is not possible with lightweight account, you need a regular CERN account.

regards, Prasanth

what should I do for that?

If you have valid CERN Affiliation. Please contact your Experiment’s secretariat or the CERN User Office.

Also check with your colleagues how they have obtained regular CERN computing account.