How to upgrade `awkward` package in SWAN

Basically, I am trying to use the latest version of awkward, and I check the 101swan and 100swan, it only have 1.0.2 version awkward but I need at least 1.2.0 to use vector. So I try pip install --upgrade awaward, and it show the upgrade is successful, but after that the awkward version don’t change at all, so I am confused.

Hi, I faced this very same issue some time ago, I think the answer is here. Basically, you have to add a startup script (read here about the script) to your home folder which add your local path to the PYTHONPATH environment variable and then the upgraded installation of awkward is used (after restarting SWAN session).

Hi Valerio,
Many thanks for the answer. It is the environment issue you mentioned. The problem has been solved now. thanks.
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thats’s weird! I thought awkward was upgraded in the LCG release as I requested here Upgrade awkward package @etejedor

That will make it into the next LCG 102 (still in release candidate mode), and it’s now available in the bleeding edge stack.

Yeah, actually I thought we will have the latest version awkward in 101 too since the 101_swan in LCG release shows that awkward version is 1.7.0, but it’s fine…