How to use jsmva


I’m trying to use jsmva but I keep getting import errors. Is there a specific configuration this needs to be used under? and (aside from asking), is there any place I could find this out?

I found this tutorial:, which seem to indicate it should work with root 6.09 (and I gather higher?)

I’ve tried JupyROOT 6.18/00 (from the default kernel config), both with python 2 and python 3.

python 2 error:
ImportError: No module named utils

python 3 error:
ModuleNotFoundError: No module named ‘JupyROOT.utils’


Hi Heather,

This looks like some bug that was introduced in JsMVA at some point. What you can do is try with older stacks (e.g. LCG_95?) and check if the error is there.

Also, please open a ticket in the ROOT forum to report the issue ( and choose the TMVA category.

Hi Enric,

thanks, I’ll file a bug. I got it working with LCG_93 (didn’t explicitly try 95, though).