I think the $CERNBOX_HOME env variable has an extra "/" character


I installed a Python package on my CERNBOX Home to use with SWAN. It works fine. The issue is that the environmental variable $CERNBOX_HOME has a / at the end. So I need to call ${CERNBOX_HOME}startup.sh in order to modify the paths for Python packages before starting the notebook session. I feel like I should be able to do a $CERNBOX_HOME/startup.sh but this does not work as it expands to two // together, giving the wrong path

Is this only me?


$CERNBOX_HOME/some_script.sh in the environment script box should totally work (I use this feature quite a lot).

Otherwise, there’s ${CERNBOX_HOME::-1}/some_script.sh, but it should not be necessary.

Probably is a bit safer to do ${CERNBOX_HOME%/} than to eliminate the last char with ::-1 . But as Enric mentioned, not really needed. Having multiple / in a path is still a valid path and equivalent to have one /. What’s the problem you are experiencing when using $CERNBOX_HOME/startup.sh ?