Installation of "webio_jupyter_extension" to support interactive Julia notebooks on SWAN

Hi SWAN Team,

Could you install the Juypter extension “webio_jupyter_extension” on SWAN? Interactive Julia Jupyter notebooks (e.g. using Interact.jl) rely on WebIO.jl for communication between UI and kernel, but this requires the “webio_jupyter_extension” on the Jupyter server side.

It’s basically just a pip3 install webio_jupyter_extension - see WebIO Jupyter installation.



CC @jling

Hello @oschulz

did you try to install it in your home directory?


did you try to install it in your home directory

I can try - is SWAN running JupyterLab v3? Previous versions didn’t support installing extensions in home directories, and I’ve never tried it since.

I can confirm that a system-wide installation of the “webio_jupyter_extension” will work with JupyterHub though (NERSC installed it recently on their JupyterHub).

Hi @oschulz
We are not providing jupyterlab yet, it is coming…
but I think you can install it for notebook in your home directory, let take a look at this

How many users are using it? To install it system-wide, I think we need at least a number of users requiring it, otherwise, we encourage the users to install it in the home directory.

if there is a group of users requiring it, we can evaluate to put it system-wide.


Ok, I’ll give it a try. @jling may be interested, too.