Jupyter Lab

Dear SWAN expert,

are you planning to support jupyter lab? In my opinion, it offers a more complete multi-document approach to jupyter.

Dear Guido,

Thank you for opening this topic in the Proposals section.

JupyterLab is the evolution of Jupyter so it would make sense to move to it at some point. The priority we assign to that task will also depend on the demand from our users. The migration would require some effort on our side because we would need to adapt the customized interface we have now for Jupyter to JupyterLab.

We would like to hear the opinion of our users on this regard! Is JupyterLab potentially more useful for your everyday work than classic Jupyter?


Dear Enric,

I would also be very much in favour of having JupyterLab available. I agree with Guido, it would ease working with multiple documents at the same time!

Best regards,

Dear Alexander,

Thank you for posting your opinion here too!

Are you already using JupyterLab? Is there any other interesting feature in JupyterLab that you appreciate, besides the fact of having multiple tabs (e.g. extensions)?

I also take the opportunity to mention that we are preparing a 1-day SWAN users workshop at CERN, most probably in October (date is not official yet). There will be presentations by the SWAN team and also the users, we will discuss issues and ideas for improving the service, including new feature requests like this one. It would be great if you could attend and tell us about how you are using SWAN and what is missing.

Dear SWAN developers,

thank you and for a such useful tool as SWAN notebook is. I really like it, however I would have two suggestions to improve it.

Scrolling up/down in longer projects is very tedious and confusing so I would greatly appreciate table of content or any kind of bookmarks for a better orientation in code. (like the left panel in Google Colab where you can find table of content, project files and find and replace)

Also, I wasn’t able to find a block selection. If there is none, I think it would be nice to implement it.


Hi @mbiros,

Glad you find SWAN useful!
The table of contents is already installed as a Jupyter Notebook Extension, but needs to be enabled: top right corner in the files view, click “…” > “Nbextension configuration” and toggle “Table of Contents” (you might need to toggle “disable configuration for nbextensions without explicit compatibility”). A new button will appear in the toolbar in the notebook editor view.

Can you explain what the block selection is?


Hi Diogo,

great, thanks.

When you use e.g. kate editor, you can switch it on by ctr+shift+b, which allows you to select any blocks of text instead of full lines.