Make new package for panda HPO task submission available on swan

Hi everyone,

I am developing as a part of my qualification task for ATLAS authorship a python package to submit hyperparameter optimization jobs for machine learning to the CERN Grid from a Jupyter notebook using interactive and graphical tools. To make the package widely available for end-users, I am wondering if it can be integrated as a package to run on SWAN. Please let me know. Thanks.


I think for now the best option would be to ask users to install it on their CERNBox:

I understand this package is now under active development and new releases will appear rather often. For such cases, installing on CVMFS (the distributed file system that provides software for SWAN) is not ideal, since new software releases on CVMFS appear every few months. On the other hand, users that install it on their CERNBox can update it as often as they want.