Markdown file in the SWAN_projects folder

is it possible to have a markdown file in the main SWAN_projects folder so that it behaves similarly to when it’s put inside a project folder?
I would like to have a displayed on the bottom of the projects whenever starting a SWAN session.

If I put an .md file in the main folder this is shown as I want on the “CERNBox” tab:

but not on the “Projects” tab

Hello Gianluca,

What you are asking is indeed not a feature in the current UI.

Please note that we just started a migration towards a new UI based on JupyterLab, which is already available for testing together with an experimental Alma9 image. To use it, you need to select the “Bleeding edge” software stack with the AlmaLinux9 platform.

The fact that we are transitioning towards JupyterLab also means that we are not putting any efforts in adding new features to the current UI unfortunately.