PyTimber Problem

Dear Swan team,

Me and some colleges have trouble opening the Pytimber library from swan, when trying to do so we obtain the following message error:

/cvmfs/ in getVariablesList(self, pattern_or_list)
194 )
195 elif isinstance(pattern_or_list, (list, tuple)):
→ 196 variables = self._md.getVariablesWithNameInListofStrings(
198 )

org.springframework.remoting.RemoteInvocationFailureExceptionPyRaisable: org.springframework.remoting.RemoteInvocationFailureException: Invocation of method [public abstract cern.accsoft.cals.extr.domain.core.metadata.VariableSet cern.accsoft.cals.extr.domain.service.MetaDataExtractionService.getMetaDataForSpec(cern.accsoft.cals.extr.domain.service.spec.SpecificationBuilder$VariableSpecification)] failed in RMI service [rmi://]; nested exception is java.lang.RuntimeException: The application lhc_md_abp_analysis is not authorized

(Link to the program used : /eos/home-j/jpotoine/SWAN_projects/IR7_arc/Testing_fills.ipynb)

When looking at the PyTimber version used by swan, it seems it is not up to date (version ~2.7 whereas the actual version on gitlab scripting-tools / pytimber · GitLab is the 3.1.8). Could it be that the problem comes from that ?

Thank you in advance,

Dear Jean Baptiste,

The pytimber version available on SWAN is being updated and its latest version will be distributed with LCG 100, see ticket:

In the meantime, the pytimber maintainers suggest to install the package on your CERNBox. Please get in touch with those maintainers to learn about the concrete instructions on how to do so.