Share link of shared project


How can I share a direct link to a shared project in SWAN ?

Is it possible to actually share a SWAN project directly from SWAN (read/write) ?

Thanks !


Hi Markus,

Currently the sharing via the SWAN interface is only by copy, so your colleague and you can’t actually work on the same files at the same time. The reason for this is that Jupyter notebooks do not support concurrent editing.

You can still use the CERNBox interface to obtain a link to some folder (e.g. a SWAN project folder) you want to share (even read/write) with someone, but such sharing will not be accessible from the SWAN interface. Only the by-copy shares are visible from the SWAN interface.


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Hi Markus,

adding to Eric’s reply, my team has a good experience of using a gitlab project for sharing notebooks.
You may find more information here:

Cheers, Michał.

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