Share notebook from cernbox

So I don’t use the projects tab on swan. I like to have access to the files via EOS and cernbox and all that fun stuff. But apparently I can only share a notebook in swan by uploading it to git and re-downloading it to projects…

Is there an easier way to share notebooks on swan with other users or failing that an easier way to copy files from cernbox to ‘projects’?

Hi Vince,

Do you not have a SWAN_projects folder inside your eos home directory? That’s where my projects go when I create a new one with the “+” instead of the download icon, and I can copy files there on eos no problem.


Hi Vincent,

A SWAN Project - for now - is a folder inside $HOME/SWAN_projects, that contain a hidden file named “.swanproject”. If you have any folder you would like to convert to a project, you can copy it inside SWAN_projects and then add the hidden file. No need to use git. Then you would be able to use the embedded share functionality.

Either way, everything - projects included - is stored in EOS and also accessible via CERNBox. You don’t need to worry about creating projects as you would be able to access them from anywhere (sync client, lxplus, etc).
As another option for sharing, you could use the CERNBox web to share a folder with anyone. But this would mean that the receiving person would not see the share inside SWAN automatically.

Hope this helps,

Hi thanks both. Whilst this worked nicely for retrieving files out of other SWAN_projects, adding the notebook and secret .swanproject file (and some root example root files but not all) all seemed to get auto removed from the directory if added there by CERNbox… In the end I copy and pasted the raw notebook contents into a text file called foo.ipynb Not ideal but it now works.

How did you add the hidden file and notebooks? In you computer, then used the sync client? In CERNBox web?

Yup. I couldn’t work out any other way of doing it…

SWAN has a terminal you can use. Or, using the CERNBox tab in SWAN, you can see all the files inside SWAN_projects and you can create a text file, then rename it to .swanproject.
You can also use lxplus and access EOS from there.
I just tried doing it via the CERNBox web and it worked. Via sync client no, because it doesn’t sync hidden files.