SWAN for physics analysis

Dear SWAN users,

The SWAN team is looking for users who are currently using SWAN to do physics analysis and can provide feedback about their experience – what works well, what doesn’t, what is missing, etc. If you are one of those, please reply to this message or send me a PM!

Also on this topic, we are currently working closely with the Batch service at CERN to integrate SWAN with HTCondor resources for both batch and interactive analysis (the latter via Dask or any framework that can use Dask underneath, such as RDataFrame or coffea). More news on this will be announced soon!



Hi. Not sure if that qualified as physics analysis, but since I just saw that message:

I’m looking into some first Run3 collisions for prompt feedback using CMS MiniAOD through XrootD and uproot (RDF fails to load the CMSSW files even though the data types are not custom !).
And I must say that even though I’m in exploratory mode the loading of the individual branches over XrootD is very, very slow. Kudos that XRootD works at all though!

Not sure if that is solvable at all, but I like using notebook in particular in the exploratory phase for any kind of analysis and this slow file access is quite annoying.

When working with EOS there is of course no problem at all! (just hitting the memory limit quite often when working on many files).