SWAN Jupyter Notebook: Permission Denied


I’m working inside a Jupyter notebook and see the following message at the top of the page:


It reads “Permission denied: [Path to my file]”

The notebook is still executing code as expected. However, I’m afraid that it will not save my changes now once I exit the notebook. Can you tell me if this is the case? I’ve attempted to save the notebook to another location as backup as well as download it but neither option seems to work for presumably the same permissions reason.

I’ve worked with this notebook many times and never seen this message before.


Hi @nicholas.

There was an OTG for this issue. Long story short, there was an issue with the central authentication service which prevented us from accessing EOS.
This means the file was not being saved… But we store a backup in the machine, so please create a SNOW ticket in case you need us to see if we can recover it.

Sorry for this,


Thanks for the response @dalvesde. I’m now able to access my notebooks again, and the version that was saved is recent enough that a recovery operation isn’t necessary.