SWAN Projects


Im sorry if this is a stupid question but I am new to SWAN and usually only code using a linux terminal. The problem I am having is that every time I open SWAN, I do not see any of my projects listed. When I look at my CERNBox I see the projects and code there but i do not see them on the SWAN or understand how to open them using CERNBox. Can anyone point me towards some tutorials on how to open past projects,


Dear Emma,

How did you create those projects? Did you create them in SWAN? More precisely, as described here:

When you are in SWAN, what you see is the content of your $CERNBOX_HOME/SWAN_projects directory, which is where the SWAN projects live. If you want to navigate on folders that are outside of that directory. you can use the CERNBox tab:

If you still have issues finding your folders, please open a ticket here: