Swan006 not working

Does anyone know what is going on with swan006 environment?
I can not connect to it for at least one month, while with others I have no problems.

Hi Toni,

I just created a session in swan006

It can be something with your user, can you please try to login in swan006 so we get entry in the logs?

Dear @tsaric

There was problem with /eos/home-t , I fixed it now, please can you try again, thank you

[root@swan006 ~]# cd /eos/home-t
-bash: cd: /eos/home-t: Input/output error
[root@swan006 ~]# umount -l /eos/home-t
[root@swan006 ~]# cd /eos/home-t


Hi Piotr,

I got 500 : Internal Server Error.

Hi @tsaric

can you click on home page and you should be fine (I don’t see a session for you on the server side)


Hi Prasanth

You are right, my mistake.
It is working now.