Upgrade pip


It looks like I am unable to upgrade pip due to a conflict between compatible versions of keras-applications and keras-preprocessing needed for tensorflow and keras.

Unsure how relevant this issue is.


Hello Jordan,

I think that the problem there is not pip, it is just a warning,
the problem is the incompatibility between tensorflow and keras.

I can see that the version of keras that you are trying yo install requires a older version of tensorflow, then you need to downgrade several packages to install itt, example:

pip install keras_applications==1.0.2   tensorflow==1.10.0 pynacl==1.0.1 pyasn1==0.1.7  bcrypt==3.1.3 colorama neo4j-driver==1.6.0 --user

Lets install it and try your code, may you will get more warnings and one error with paramiko package but it should work.


Hello again,

for pytimber please install it with the next command

pip install --index-url https://acc-py-repo.cern.ch/repository/vr-py-releases/simple --trusted-host acc-py-repo.cern.ch --user pytimber==3.1.4

this only works inside CERN.