Using CERNBOX files in SWAN

Hi all

I have a notebook in SWAN that is accessing root files stored in my CERNBOX, via xrootd.
I shared this notebook with some students for them to modify so they are running in their SWAN area, and I gave them access to those files via CERNBOX share files. However, they cannot access them. They are getting this error:

Do you have any idea what can be the problem?



I’d try putting files in my personal website directory, which is usually the www directory. Could you try that?


This is a weird setup. Why can’t you just access the files directly via eos? SWAN has direct /eos access. Then you can just share the data directory with your group via cernbox.

Hi @algomez ,

I’ve checked and she does in fact have access to the file.
I would recommend we follow up in a ticket. Can you open a snow ticket with CERNBox support? Record Producer - CERN Service Portal: easy access to services at CERN

Access via xrootd is better suited than via FUSE (/eos) for these uses cases, so I would recommend she keeps accessing that way.


UPDATE: I’ve tried myself and also got this error… I’m checking with the devs what is going on and will update here once we found the solution.

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It seems to be an issue with the environment… If I try in (as opposed to it seems to work.

In we don’t have the kerberos ticket exposed inside the users’ containers, but it would work if you kinit before executing your code (you can even append a kinit [1] to the top of your notebook, if it makes it easier).


import getpass
import os, sys, re

print("Please enter your password")
ret = os.system("echo \"%s\" | kinit" % getpass.getpass())

if ret == 0: print("Credentials created successfully")
else: raise Exception('Error creating credentials, return code: %s\n' % ret)

(cc @etejedor)

Hi @dalvesde

indeed, using the notebook in solves the problem. And we don’t even need to start kerberos with kinit.

Thanks again, and do you still want me to create a ticket in Service Now?

Please let me know