Python >= 3.10


I would like to use a Python package I wrote on SWAN, but it requires Python >= 3.10. Is there any configuration at the moment that would give me access to this version?

PS: I’ve tried to get a custom environment working and/or a custom ipykernel (as per this post, for example), on both CentOS7 and AlmaLinux9, but I cannot get it to work for the life of me. It would be great if it was easier for users to manage virtual environments.

Hello Mariana,

The librarians who maintain the LCG releases (software stacks in SWAN) are working to switch to Python 3.11 in the next LCG release (106), but this is not yet sure.

Regarding the custom software environments, its actually ongoing work. We should have a prototype during the second half of this year for Python venvs (which will have Python 3.11).


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I just learnt that 106 will indeed have Python 3.11, and it will be available in SWAN most probably before the end of the month.

Oh, that’s great! Thank you.